Welcome to MY blog! A place were we will all learn me as a person together. I will share milestone, talents, address issues and much more. With no time to waste who doesn’t need to understand there self first?


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Time alone

Today I spent time alone. Away from my family, away from my children, away from the world. I had a look at myself and noticed immediately some things in my list that were in the process of change already.  For instance…. I wanted there to be a way to have God turn me completely off … Continue reading Time alone

She’s tired 

She is tired.  She has traveled a long way to still have nothing.  She is ill. The ways of the world have damaged her thinking. She’s broken. All the words. Thrown like stones at a fragile shell. She’s tired. Seen it all and been through it twice. She’s ill.  Closed doors, broken promises, and missed … Continue reading She’s tired 


I took some time off from writing. Then today the urgency returned to let down my shades, turn on the spot light and sink into myself.  I look back and then forward. And sometimes back again. Constantly replaying my decisions and actions. Scanning over myself. Over analyzing situations that deserve little to no attention at … Continue reading Reflection 

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